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hand seeder

Gromor vibro hand seeder Pepper

Gromor vibro hand seeder Lettuce

Operating Instructions
1- remove the treaded end cap, insert 9V battery (alkaline) and replace end cap.

2- Place the seeds into the spatula taking care not to overfill it. evenly distribute the seeds over the length of the spatula.

3- Hold the seeder level over the flat or plug tray to be filled. Depress the switch with your thumb or index finger, hold firmly Turn the speed control, adjusting until the seed is moving slowly off the tip of the spatula. The speed can also be controlled by tilting the seeder up or down.

When not in use, remove batteries, and store in a dry place.

The VIBRO HAND SEEDER® has a limited 60 day warranty from date of purchase, the warranty is void if the spatula is pulled from the body or if the seeder is dropped, or mishandled,

defective units must be returned before a replacement is sent.

ac adaptor for hand seeder
A 115- volt Power Converter is available. MODEL# PSA-2

hand seeder accessories
A Tip Magnifier, the magnifier attaches to end of the seeder to help see smaller seeds, is available. MODEL TIP MAG -3

A 220- volt Power Converter is available. MODEL# PSAW-5


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