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Model # MWS-2TH

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Contents for following models: Model # MWS-2TH

1 - Vacuum Bulb 6oz 1
1 - Tip Storage & Seed Tray
5 - Tips of different Sizes, For most seed groups
1 - Magnifier Attachment
1 - Hand trigger with wand extension
1 - 6 mil bulb sleeve. & 4 feet of hose for Foot operation, bulb sleeve.
( Capable to up - grade to larger volume bulbs. Sold as accessory. )


Place desired tip size onto the end of the extender that is attached to the vacuum bulb with the tip facing down toward seed to be picked up.
twist slightly to make seal.

Seeding tip sizes.

Five Tip Sizes Reflect the different seed group sizes.
Beige - small seed such as petunia and ageratum.
Blue - Impatiens and snaps
Black - lettuce, tomato and pepper
Yellow - cabbage and cold crop seed
Pink - cucumber, melon zinnia and dahlia

Five easy steps to seeding.

1 - Hold the vacuum bulb securely, grabbing it with your whole hand and the tip facing down toward seeds.

2 - Squeeze out all the air in the bulb. One or two hands may be used, while holding the bulb in the compressed position. Place the tip on the seed to be picked up. ( Holding bulb is not required for models MWS - 2TH & 3THF.)

3. Release your grip and the vacuum created in the bulb will pick up the seed.
( In the case of the trigger models pushing the trigger down holds the seed to the tip. To release the seed lift the trigger up.)

4. Bring the attached seed to the pot or seed tray.

5. Release the seed either by pushing in the side of the bulb slightly or just waiting for the seed to fall off when the bulb’s vacuum is used up. ( Again to release the seed from the trigger model release the trigger up.)

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